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Decorating with Fondant 101

Posted by Adriana Cordoba on

Our very first blog and super excited to share what we know with you!

Until some years ago, fondant was definitely not as prevalent as it is now. I still remember the times when special occasion cakes (i.e. weddings, communions, and fancy events) were a big deal for those who REALLY enjoy a fondant cake. To me, even as a kid, it was all about how perfect the cakes looked. Everything about cooking and baking catches my attention, so naturally I always wanted to know how they did it. We can thank all the baking shows and Food Network for making it so popular. Fast forward some years to culinary school and much to my amazement you could buy pre-made, ready to roll fondant which makes it so much easier for anyone with a knack of baking to attempt to cover their first cake. Of course, there are still bakers who attempt to make fondant themselves...some successfully, others not so much. I personally, always went for the ready made fondant even before owning Miles because it is always consistent, MUCH less messy, tastes good and can be flavored to your liking with so many extracts available. My new preferred brand is Fondarific because of it's taste, mouthfeel, and especially because I found it doesn't dry out as fast if left uncovered (great for beginners!); however, Satin Ice and FondX are excellent brands as well. With customers and the instructors that teach our workshops I have found it is a matter of what they are used to working with, so I would recommend trying them out and choosing your favorite. 

Here are a few tips we like to give for those of you that would like to venture in decorating your first fondant cake:

  • Your fondant will only look as good as your crumb coat, make sure your buttercream is smooth, you only want a thin layer. 
  • Work over a smooth surface.
  • Make sure your tools and surface are dry, remember fondant is a sugar paste so it will get sticky if it gets wet or moist.
  • LIGHTLY Dust your surface with cornstarch or Sweetex to prevent fondant from sticking.
  • Knead your fondant to get rid of wrinkles, top should look smooth before rolling.
  • Work quickly!
  • Roll your fondant, always making sure it is not sticking to the surface.
  • Fondant should be rolled about 1/4" thick, you do not want a thick layer of fondant on your cake, it does not look pretty! You want your cake to look just as perfect when you slice it.
  • Use a fondant smoother or two (rounded top, 1 square) to smooth out the top and sides of your cake and to prevent fingerprints.
  • Remove excess fondant with a pizza cutter.
  • For beginners, we recommend decorating with fondant cut-outs, there are all sorts of cutters you can use depending on your theme. Check out our Fondant & Gumpaste Cutters section to see all that is available. Use thin pieces of fondant for a more professional look, trust me, it makes all the difference!

Follow those simple tips and tricks and you should be on your way to successfully creating your first fondant cake. Check out our Cake Decorating Program to expand your skills once you have tried it at home. :)


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