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Unicorn Cake Class

Posted by Adriana Cordoba on

Who says Unicorns don’t exist?

Unicorn cakes have been a cake decorating trend for the past year. We have been seeing different baker’s versions of this magical design all over social media and the Internet. What stands out about them besides their adorable faces, are the mix of colors used and the golden or silver horns. The cake itself is the Unicorn’s head, I prefer a tall cake, 4” high or you can go with 2- 2” layers with the filling of your choice. The cake can be frosted in buttercream or covered in fondant. Once you have your blank canvas, start thinking about the colors you want to use for the buttercream mane, this is where it gets personalized… you can go for a pastel mix or use more vibrant colors (i.e. Americolor Electric gel colors). Roll out a small piece of black fondant to cut out the eyes and soft pink or rose fondant for the cheeks. Cover an ice cream cone in rolled fondant to make the horn, which then needs to be colored in gold or silver. When you are done decorating your cake add some disco dust (non-toxic glitter for cake decorators) and you have a magical mix of everything that is right in a cake!

 * If you are using buttercream as a filling, add the same colors that you are using on the decorations so that when you cut into it the inside of the cake matches the outside.

 Last Thursday, we hosted a fun class in which our young chefs recreated the unicorn of their imaginations! They all did a fantastic job and each cake looked amazing. These girls not only have lots of fun with their hands-on cake decorating, but also learned about crumb coating, working with fondant, and piping buttercream.

 Check out our students hard at work decorating their cakes.

      Unicorn Cake | Cake decorating | Class

      Unicorn Cake | Cake decorating | Class 

      Unicorn Cake | Cake decorating | Class

To recreate this at home you will need:

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