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Candy Melting Pot

Candy Melting Pot

  • $ 3499

No more melted chocolate fiascos! With the Wilton Chocolate Pro™ Electric Chocolate Melter and its two settings (melt and warm), you can both melt your chocolate and then keep it warm while you're making your dipped or drizzled treats in one convenient pot.

  • Settings for both "melt" and "warm" makes the Wilton Chocolate Pro Electric Chocolate Melter easy to use to create great candy treats every time
  • Removeable non-stick pot melts up to 2 12 cups of candy and keeps it warm so you can make sweet treats for hours with no scorching or burning
  • Base stays cool to the touch, non-skid feet keep melting pot from shifting making this a great tool for getting the kids involved in candy projects
  • "Melt" setting melts Wilton Candy Melts candy (sold separately) in 10 minutes or less; "warm" setting keeps melted candy warm without scorching
  • Measures approximately 9 by 6 58 by 4 12 inches

The Chocolate Pro makes it easy to make dipped treats, one-of-a-kind candies and much more. The removeable non-stick pot melts up to 2 12 cups of chocolate so you're able to make as many sweet treats as you want. The melting base stays cool to the touch and the non-skid feet keep the Chocolate Melter from shifting — two great safety features that make this product family friendly! Some people choose to use the Wilton Chocolate Pro electric melting pot for party-friendly candy fondue. Others opt to use it as their go-to melter for making candies, dipping cake pops, or so many more candy kitchen uses. Melting Wilton Candy Melts candies takes 10 minutes or less, so if you love making molded candies, buy a few Electric Chocolate Melters and melt different colors of Candy Melts in each for quick and easy candy making. No matter what candy project you used it for, clean up is easy since the non-stick coating keeps candy from sticking and the remaining melted candy pours easily out of the spout.

Dimensions: approximately 9 by 6 58 by 4 12 inches.

Additional Features: 120 volts. UL Listed.

Usage: Hand wash only.

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