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JEM Baby Feet Pop It

JEM Baby Feet Pop It

  • $ 899


JEM Easy Pops are hard plastic cutters/moulds that allows you to make consistently accurate 2D Baby Feet sugar decorations that are perfect for topping cupcakes or cake decoartions.

JEM Baby Feet Easy Pops Cutters/Moulds are approximately 40mm x 53mm & 26mm x 35mm

JEM Easy Pops Tips:

• Insert the cutter into a JEM Roller Pad
• Press paste into the cutter and roll over with a rolling pin. The sharper edges of the cutter will remove any excess paste.
• Using your fingertips press down on any high detail areas to make sure all details are properly embossed.
• Leave to dry and use a a PME Scriber Tool to remove the shape from the cutter.

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