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Ma Baker & Chef  Isomalt

Ma Baker & Chef Isomalt

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Isomalt (hydrogenated Isomaltitol or Isomaltose) is a disaccharide, formed by the union of glucomanitol and glucosorbitol; also known commercially as Isobyalt, it was discovered in the 1960s it a little digestible carbohydrate. Diet sweetener made exclusively sugar feedstock.

It is only partially digested in the lower intestinal tract. Some of the parts are not absorbed nor metabolized by intestinal bacteria. This process is normal but may cause in some people more loose stools or more intestinal gas than usual similar to the body's reaction to foods fiber high. The few people, who may be sensitive, usually have no problem if they start with small amounts, and gradually increase consumption.


-Is made of sugar.
-Is used in a variety of food and medicines.
-It has the same texture, flavor and look as the sugar.
-Enhances the sweet taste of sweeteners.
-It has less than 2 calories per gr. (half than the sugar) .
-Is not sticky because is not hygroscopic.
-Does not increase the blood glucose and insulin levels

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