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Modecor Introducing Class (Baby Shower)

Modecor Introducing Class (Baby Shower)

  • $ 4000


This workshop is dedicated for every cake decorator that would like to learn about the best fondant in the market and other decorating products through the making of a Baby Shower cake.


During the workshop participants will receive one dummy cake that they will use to decorate the Baby Shower cake .  They will follow the lead of the instructor but will also be able to express their own creativity and use their ideas and techniques to personalize their cake. Everyone will use the new Italian fondant and other products completely new to the US market! Participants will be able to take their cake .


  • Cover dummy cake  with the new fondant
  • Make decorations and parts to copy the Baby Shower  creation
  • Assemble and finish decorating 

   Technician: Chef Sabrina Mancin

DATE: February 19,2019
TIME: 10:00 am to 1:30 pm
COST: $40 (and you can buy one with 25% off in the new products).

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